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3rd Avenue Rocket Series 3/4 Electric Guitar Pack - Red

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3rd Avenue Rocket Series 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Starter Pack - Red

This 3rd Avenue Rocket Series Electric Guitar starter pack ensures to provide everything that the younger player would ever need with your electric guitar. As this is a ¾ size instrument, it is most suitable for those aged 7 to 12 years old.

The guitar in this pack is a smaller bodied version of a very classic design. Featuring a 22 fret neck with two single coil pickups and a whammy bar. This allows for a good range of tones and allows for use in any playing style or genre. This guitar comes in a bright red finish which is sure to catch the eye, along with a white pickguard.

Perfect for home practice, the amplifier provided in this pack has 10 watts of power controlled with a volume knob. There is also a headphone jack for when you need to practice silently, or for late night playing. The tone control on the amp adjusts the brightness of the sound, with this there is a button to activate the overdriven tone.

Also included within this pack is a gigbag for comfortable transportation, a spare set of strings, a capo, a guitar stand to display your instrument when not in use, a guitar strap, some plectrums, a digital tuner and a cable to connect your guitar to the amp.


  • Classic ST style electric guitar with bundle of accessories  
  • Single chord pickups, tone and volume controls 
  • Rosewood fretboard with white scratch plate 
  • Premium pack includes: 10W amp, tripod stand, capo, strap, tuner, picks, spare strings, cable and whammy bar.
  • Perfect for 8-11 year olds (3/4 size). Ideal for beginners and students.


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