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electriQ S10 Electric Scooter

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  • Ready to ride! - Push the throttle paddle to go / Pull the brake lever to stop.
  • Up to 15mph - Embrace your inner speed demon and whizz around at speed.
  • Built-in LCD display lets you keep track of your speed and remaining battery level
  • Dual-Brake System
  • Quickly folds in half for easy storage and transportation
  • LED headlight for added safety & also the rear light that will light up at night & when braking!
  • Leave it propped up when not in use with the retractable kickstand

The details

Electricity, its pretty damn cool. It makes the ordinary extraordinary. Guitars, toothbrushes, drills - you name it, they've all been amped up and made significantly better thanks to the power of electricity, and this is no exception! Its designed with fun in mind and boy does it deliver! Its loaded with some impressive spec that'll have you whizzing around at speeds of up to 15 mph!

Everything about the scooter has been cleverly thought out, from the safety system built into the battery that provides peace of mind when charging, to the solid construction that quickly folds away, taking up minimum space when storing in your car or on public transport. Plus, its super easy to control - simply push down on the electronic throttle paddle on the handlebars to increase your speed or pull on the dual brake lever to stop. 

There is a front LED light on the scooter along with a rear light so when riding at night you can be seen. The rear light will be 50% brightness when the front LED is on but when you use the brake it will be 100%. The rear brake light will come on whenever used even if the front LED is switched off.

There's even a digital speedometer built into the handlebars to show how fast you're going and what the remaining battery life is, so you can keep track at a glance and know how far to stray before you have to charge it

Essential info

  • Maximum speed: Upto 15mph (25Km/h)
  • Maximum range: Upto 10 miles (16km)
  • Dual-Brake System
  • Charge time: 3-4hrs
  • Dimensions: 109 x 45 x 115 cm (unfolded)
  • Dimensions: 110 x 47 x 47 cm (folded)
  • Weight: 12.6 kg


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