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ACER Nitro VG220Qbmiix Full HD 21.5" IPS LCD Gaming Monitor - Black

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Top features:

- AMD FreeSync keeps the on-screen action running smoothly

- Full HD IPS panel delivers immersive visuals

- Customise the settings using the Display Widget

- Zero Frame design for a near-seamless look

AMD FreeSync

The Acer Nitro VG220Qbmiix Full HD 21.5" LCD Gaming Monitor features AMD FreeSync, delivering a fast refresh rate to keep your gaming sessions smooth and practically blur-free. No more choppy gameplay or broken frames - you'll be able to see every moment clearly as it folds, helping you to make split-second decisions on the battlefield.

With a superfast 1 ms response time, the visuals of your favourite games are fluid so that you can fully immerse yourself in every game.

Full HD IPS panel

Full HD visuals on the IPS display bring your games to life. You'll be able to view the screen clearly from wide angles, so even if you move around while gaming you won't miss any of the on-screen action.

Customise the settings

Different games favour different settings. With the Nitro VG220Qbmiix Monitor's Display Widget software, you can easily modify the settings without having to play around with the buttons.

Zero Frame design

The Nitro Monitor's Zero Frame design maximises the screen - perfect for putting two together for a multi-monitor setup. So you can focus all of your attention on your gaming performance, without being distracted by a chunky edge around the screen.

ACER Nitro VG220Qbmiix Full HD 21.5" IPS LCD Gaming Monitor - Black, Full HD 1920 x 1080p, Refresh rate: 75 Hz, Response time: 1 ms, Input: HDMI / VGA, Built-in speakers, Can be wall mounted


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