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GTECH HyLite Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Grey

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Versatile cleaning

The Gtech HyLite Cordless Vacuum Cleaner's wide rotating brush can pick up dirt and dust with ease. It can help you to deal with stubborn dirt easily, and you can use it on all floor types, so it's perfect for use throughout your home.

LED lights

Dirt lurking in the gloom under your sofa? With the HyLite's front LED lights you'll see clearly - no dirt will escape you.

Plus, with its wide head and low profile handle you can get to all those awkward corners and edges.

Clever design

Just 1.5 kg and with a long telescoping handle, the Gtech HyLite Cordless Vacuum Cleaner won't leave you aching when you've finished vacuuming. You can also use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. And it can be easily taken apart for easy storage.

The bags are easy to replace - they have a large 0.6 litre capacity and serve as a filter, which means every time your replace a bag you're fitting in a new filter.

Long runtime

Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, you have up to 20 minutes of running time, which should be more than enough for a thorough cleaning.

GTECH HyLite Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Grey, Run time: up to 20 minutes, Power: 22 V, Weight: 1.5 kg, Capacity: 0.6 litres


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