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BEKO KDC5422AW 50 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker - White

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If you are looking for a cooker you can rely on, look no further than the BEKO KDC5422AW 50cm Electric Ceramic Cooker. There is a good reason BEKO is such a popular appliance brand; it makes long lasting, reliable and easy to use appliances. You won’t find this cooker to be lacking in any way - it certainly boasts a tonne of features - but you also won’t find it to be complex or inconvenient to use. You can choose the BEKO KDC5422AW 50cm Electric Ceramic Cooker at New is Nice, knowing it will see you through all the baking and cooking you need to do. Plus, thanks to the white finish,  it looks great in any kitchen.

White BEKO KDC5422AW 50 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker Available - Bad Credit Catalogue

The BEKO KDC5422AW 50cm Electric Ceramic Cooker is a single oven with a separate grill, giving you a lot of space to cook. It also boasts a four zone electric ceramic hob for pots and pans. The oven itself is 60 litres in size, so you won’t find yourself struggling to fit everything in. It has an energy rating of A, which shows just how efficient this appliance is. You may even find it helps you to save money on the household bills. It’s also important to note that the oven has an enamel oven lining, so keeping the oven clean and looking its best won’t be a problem.

The BEKO KDC5422AW 50cm Electric Ceramic Cooker has a grill and this is completely separate from the oven. It’s perfect for quick meals or finishing off a delicious dish. The ceramic hob has four “Rapidlite” zones and these have been purposely designed for fast heating. The BEKO KDC5422AW 50cm Electric Ceramic Cooker hob surfaces as smooth and easy to clean.

Top features:

- 60 litre conventional oven offers you plenty of cooking space

- Separate electric grill lets you prepare quick meals with ease

- Ceramic hob for your pots and pans

- Enamel oven lining helps you to keep the oven clean

60 litre conventional oven

The Beko KDC5422AW 50 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker features a 60 litre conventional oven, offering you plenty of cooking space for your meals. With an energy rating of A, the cooker delivers an efficient performance which can help to save you money on your household bills.

Separate electric grill

Whether you want to add the finishing touches to larger meals or prepare quick and easy dishes, the electric grill helps you to cook a variety of food with ease.

Ceramic hob

With four "Rapidlite" zones providing fast heat, the ceramic hob makes it simple to cook using your pots and pans. The smooth surface makes cleaning the hob simple as you can easily wipe away dirt and spillages.

Enamel oven lining

Both the oven and grill have enamel coating, helping to take the hassle out of cleaning the cavities.

For added convenience, the inner glass panels of both doors can be removed for easy cleaning.