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ROBERTS Blutune 5 Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Radio - Black

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Top features: - Bluetooth streaming turns the radio into a wireless speaker - DAB/DAB+/FM radio lets you listen to all your favourite stations - Portability means good music, anywhere - Dual alarms are sure to wake you up in the morning - Five position equaliser gives you control over how the music sounds Bluetooth streaming from smartphone Smartphones aren't known for having the best audio. Sync yours up to the Roberts Blutune 5 Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Radio with Bluetooth, and enjoy your music through high quality speakers. There's stereo input and output too, so you can plug in non-Bluetooth devices, and listen through headphones if you don't want to disturb anyone else. DAB/DAB+/FM radio With 20 configurable radio presets, you can pick your favourite FM and DAB+ stations to save to the preset buttons. Now the best music is just a button press away. Portability The small size and attached carry handle makes it easy to carry the Blutune 5 Radio around, and the replaceable battery will last for up to a whopping 150 hours. Dual alarms You can set the alarm to a buzzer if you need an annoying noise to get you out of bed, or to your favourite radio station for a more relaxed start to the day. Five positon equaliser The configurable equaliser gives you the option to set your own audio preferences, so you can get the music to sound exactly how you want it to.

ROBERTS Blutune 5 Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Radio - Black


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