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ASUS PRIME Z490-P Z490 LGA1200 Motherboard

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Ready for gaming If you're thinking of building a powerful new gaming PC, the ASUS PRIME Z490-A Z490 LGA1200 Motherboard is the perfect place to start. Compatible with 10th generation Intel® Core™ processors, all you have to do is pick your CPU and get to work on your brand-new build. To make sure your PC can keep up, there's space for up to 128 GB of DDR4 RAM and two M.2 slots to store your SSDs. Cooler by design With plenty of space for fans, the ASUS PRIME Z490-P will stay cool when the game gets hot. For total control, Fan Xpert 4 software lets you intelligently configure your cooling with a single click. For a whisper-quiet performance when you want to work or study, select Extreme Quiet mode to reduce all fans to minimum speed. 

ASUS PRIME Z490-P Z490 LGA1200 Motherboard


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