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GOOGLE Nest Hub Max - Charcoal

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Video calling Connect with those who matter most with the Google Nest Hub Max and its built-in camera. Google Duo and Google Meet make it easy to catch-up with family or host a meeting. You don't even need to pause what you're doing ¿ the camera is smart enough to keep you in the frame as you're moving about. Google Assistant There's so much the Google Assistant can do. Discover a new recipe (along with step-by-step instructions), add appointments to your calendar, leave reminders for your family, control smart devices such as thermostats and bulbs, send videos to Chromecast TVs, and more. It all starts with ¿Hey Google¿¿. Google Photos Relive your favourite moments from your summer holiday. Your most recent (and best) pics from Google Photos will automatically show on screen. You can also request any album or series of photos. Ambient EQ The 10¿ touchscreen is the perfect place to watch YouTube videos or view your holiday snaps. When it's not in use the display will match with the light and colours in your room, so it won't be too bright in a dark room. Security camera Check in when you're away from home ¿ the built-in cam doubles as a security camera for your home. You can get motion and sound alerts to your phone and see a live stream from the camera. With a Nest Aware subscription, you'll be able to store and review footage. Stereo sound Take advantage of your music streaming subscription with the built-in stereo speakers with a 3¿ woofer for some added bass. It's the perfect way to listen to news, podcasts, and audiobooks too. Your entertainment hub The large screen is perfect for watching Netflix, YouTube videos, series on All 4 or the news while you prepare dinner. Streaming your favourite box sets is as simple as saying, "Hey Google, open Netflix." Tailored to you See your commute when you look at the screen ¿ not your partners ¿ thanks to Face Match which recognises you and displays your relevant notifications (before you even need to ask).

 Please note: Subscriptions may be required to access certain music and video content. Google Nest Hub is optimised for selected music and video services only. A streaming membership is required to access Netflix.


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