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GOOGLE Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery operated

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Top features: - Reactive monitoring helps to keep your home safe - Smartphone alerts let you know what's going on - No more annoying alarms Reactive monitoring Your safety matters. That's why the Nest Protect Second Generation Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the first smoke alarm that can detect any type of fire. The Split-Spectrum Sensor inside the alarm analyses two different light wavelengths to recognise both slow- and fast-burning fires. This smoke and CO2 alarm tests itself constantly, so you won't need to worry. You can see it's working at a glance ¿ it provides a green glow when all of your Nest Protect alarms have tested themselves. Smartphone alerts You should always be in the know, so the Nest Protect has a Heads-Up early warning function. It sends you a message on your smartphone or tablet it detects smoke, or if carbon monoxide levels are rising, so you can take action. The alarm has yellow lighting when it detects danger, and speaks with a human voice to let you know what's going on. If you have more than one Nest Protect , they will all speak at once. No more annoying alarms Fed up with steam in the kitchen setting off your smoke detector? The Nest Protect Alarm knows the difference between steam and an emergency situation, so you can expect fewer false alarms. If you've burnt the toast and set off the alarm, you can use the app to silence the alarm ¿ there'll be no more wafting a tea towel at your smoke detector. The alarm is wireless, which means you can place it wherever you need it.


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