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3rd Avenue 1/4 Size Electric Guitar - Black

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3rd Avenue 1/4 Size Children's Electric Guitar - Black


Designed for rockstars aged 4-7 years old, this quarter size electric guitar is the ideal size for a beginner. This guitar comes in a fabulous high gloss black or red finish, so you'll look and sound the part. The fingerboard and neck have a classic natural wood finish to complete the look. 

The manageable size of this guitar, with its smaller body and shorter scale neck makes it perfect for younger players to get started on the electric guitar.

The compact built-in amp and speaker are ideal for practice at home or on the move, controlled by a volume knob for simplicity, and has a 1/4 inch headphone jack allowing you to connect this guitar to an external amp, this guitar proves versatile for any situation. Powered by a 9V battery (not included) it means you can take your guitar package with you wherever you go. 

Included with the guitar is a gigbag to allow you to store or transport the guitar easily, which is perfect for going to and from school or guitar lessons. This pack also comes with two guitar picks to get playing right away, as well as a guitar strap, which connects to the two attached strap buttons to allow you to play standing up with ease.


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