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3rd Avenue Soprano Ukulele - Black

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3rd Avenue Soprano Ukulele - Black 

In a sleek black finish, the STX40BK is smart and stylish, so you will look the part as well as sounding the part. At fantastic value, this beginner instrument possesses many of the characteristics of its more expensive brothers and sisters.

The geared tuning pegs are secure and easy to operate, meaning your Uke is easy to tune and will stay in tune. The Ukulele has become the number 1 instrument in education and these 3rd Avenue models are an ideal starting point for any young musician. The Soprano model is by far the most common and popular, being small and lightweight, they are easy to carry around.

"...It plays well, and the nut is cut deep enough to allow the strings to sustain, and for the intonation to stay true all the way up the neck of the ukulele up into the higher registers. It feels good under the palms and the frets on the underside have been filed back to avoid catching your fingers on them (which for children can be quite painful, and off putting!). It is sturdily built and feels comfortable to play. As with all new stringed instruments, they take a while to hold their tune, but after a couple of days it is holding its tune quite well (only needing a half turn or so it get it to pitch, rather than winding and winding for quite some time!). For a budget ukulele, it is good quality for its price. I've played the Stagg equivalent quite recently, and this 3rd Ave is much better!" - Ashley from A.S. Music Tuition

The STX40 comes with its own carry bag, which means you can protect your instrument when you aren’t jamming along to your favourite tunes. By far one of the most popular instruments around today, so grab your own starter Uke without breaking the bank. 3rd Avenue offers a range of guitars and ukuleles ideal for the beginner.

The guitars come in various styles; classical, acoustic and electric in a range of sizes and finishes. Alongside their soprano ukuleles, the brand offers an ideal choice for new starters of all ages. The 3rd Avenue instruments are solid beginner instruments at a great value price.

Features and Specification:

  • Ideal starter uke
  • Geared tuning pegs
  • White plastic machine heads
  • Nylon carry bag
  • 21 inch soprano ukulele
  • Ideal for ensembles and education
  • Great value price tag



Highgloss finish

3rd Avenue ukuleles come in a bold highgloss finish, making sure you will stand out from the crowd!


Geared tuning pegs

Tune your new ukulele with ease thanks to the geared tuning pegs with white plastic knobs.







Includes gigbag

Included with the ukulele is a handy gigbag with shoulder strap and carry handle.




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