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XBOX Mafia Trilogy

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Dangerous mob life Re-play three remastered classic mob sagas brought to today's modern game standards with the Xbox One Mafia Trilogy . You get three definitive editions of favourite mob games. Each is set in different era of organised crime in the United States. And each is like a mob film on its own. Enjoy all the favourite mob activities as you know them. Dangerous car chases, raw alley fights, stealthy midnight smuggle runs or full-out shootouts, it's all there. You'll collect classic cars, try out a whole arsenal of mobster weapons. Three classics brought together In Mafia, you'll become Tommy Angelo, former taxi driver who joins the Salieri family in prohibition era US. In the city of Lost Heaven you'll experience classic mob life, with booze smuggling, Tommy guns and roaring swing music. Mafia II will bring you to the golden era of gangstering during 40s and 50s. As a war hero Vito Scaletta you'll have to deal with your fathers debts and join the criminal underworld. With his mate Joe you'll climb the mob family ladder to become a respected and feared mafioso. In Mafia III, you'll seek revenge as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran. His surrogate family got wiped out by the Italian mafia and now it's up to you to help him build a new one and challenge the infamous mob with your newly found criminal empire.


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