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ACER 314 Touch 14" Chromebook - Intel® Celeron®, 64 GB eMMC, Silver

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Full HD touchscreen The Acer Chromebook 314 has a Full HD touchscreen so you can catch up on your favourite shows without losing out on quality. And you can navigate around just like you do on your phone or tablet. Really easy to use With Chrome OS, all your favourite programs are available as apps, so you can use Microsoft Office and Skype, as well as loads of others from the Google Play store. The app based interface couldn't be easier to use - so it's great as a first laptop. Everyday computing Boost your productivity and tackle daily browsing with ease. With a dual-core Intel® Celeron® processor, whether you're shopping online, streaming a movie or surfing socials, you've got the power to do it with no annoying lag or lengthy loading times. Long 12 hour battery life With a battery that lasts over 12 hours, you can easily use your Chromebook for the whole day without having to worry about recharging. It's really thin and light too, so you can carry it around in a bag and barely notice it's there.


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