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HOTPOINT MWH 1331 B Solo Microwave - Black

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Top features:

- Multiwave technology ensures even cooking

- Automatic defrost function for great results every time

- Curved design is perfect for corners

Multiwave technology

Get consistently cooked food every time with Hotpoint MWH 1331 B Solo Microwave.

While some microwaves only have one entry point on one side of the cavity, which can lead to uneven cooking, the MWH 1331 B features two entry points. This means that the microwaves will meet the entire surface of your food, which gives you better, more consistent cooking results.

Automatic defrost function

There's nothing worse than finding your food has started cooking during microwave defrosting. With five automatic defrosting functions for different food types, you'll always get perfectly defrosted bread, meat and vegetables in a matter of minutes.

Curved design

With a unique curved design, the MWH 1331 B is perfect for those with smaller kitchens or those short of worktop space. It can easily fit snugly into corners, meaning it won't dominate your worktop. 

Make midweek meals exciting 

Liven up your microwave cooking with our range of microwave-safe accessories. Whether you need to warm up your soup for lunch or steam rice and vegetables for dinner, you'll find something to help you create exciting meals in your microwave

HOTPOINT MWH 1331 B Solo Microwave - Black, Maximum microwave power: 700 W, Capacity: 13 litres, Turntable diameter: 280 mm


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